Top 5 Black Friday — Cyber Monday Sales Technologies Deals to grab!

3 min readNov 28, 2022

Acing at sales in the post-pandemic world has become even more intricate and complex. It’s no longer about just cracking deals but also keeping customers engaged.

Sales teams are going beyond the conservative approach of engaging, prospecting, and forecasting. This requires a dedicated host of sales tools that can help sales teams and representatives work rather seamlessly.

As per LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2021 report, 94% of sales teams say that using sales tools has improved their ability to complete transactions, increase client engagement, and close more deals.

Here are the top deals running this Black Friday — Cyber Monday that sales teams should definitely get into the sales technology stack.


An AI-powered content generator that helps you generate engaging content. You can feed the AI with prompts as well as set the content type you’re aiming for and receive multiple alternatives and generate copies. The AI is trained to generate content that helps drive growth and conversation.

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A multifunctional LinkedIn lead generation tool that helps sales teams automate prospecting and sets the sales to funnel for the rep. The tool also comes with a feature to create drip campaigns. The tool can also be integrated with Google Sheets, Salesforce, and major CRMs.

You can avail of a 25% discount using the coupon: BLACKFRIDAY25 on the checkout page.

3. LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is a lead generation automation product for LinkedIn that is cloud-based. You may design outreach efforts using LinkedFusion in accordance with the demands of your market segment. To obtain insight into LinkedIn prospects, target different time zones, devote IP, and track analytics from several campaigns. Additionally, LinkedFusion interacts with Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Zapier, Hubspot, and most CRMs.

An exclusive 40% discount is available through the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week:

4. Lusha

A sales intelligence solution that enriches your data. Lusha can be accessed through their chrome extension or API as well as integrated. The application can access the prospect’s contact details and any company info effortlessly. The application comes with CRM, multiple integrations, bulk enrichment as well as a prospecting feature.

Their Pro & Premium plans are available at a 25% discount and can be accessed here:

5. Zipteams

A more adaptive and integrated sales engine, empowering internal sales teams to leverage artificial intelligence to accelerate growth, efficiency, and close sales execution gaps. Zipteams’s intelligent meeting rooms allow sales reps to schedule meetings through their Google calendars directly onto the platform, integrate CRMs, and get real-time AI-powered nudges for better engagement and conversion. The tool also provides interactive reports for managers to have more collaborative and smooth coaching and onboarding across the team.

Zipteams is running a limited-time deal where you can get their $199 Zip Start subscription free for a year if you sign up before December 31, 2022.
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Zipteams is a sales acceleration stack that builds AI-powered products to revolutionize and streamline the sales process.