How can Keyword Tagging take your sales team to the next level?

2 min readDec 5, 2022

The success of any business is heavily reliant on making educated guesses about what customers desire, what irritates them, and what solves their problems. In other words, understanding your clients’ thinking will enable your teams to be more productive and innovative in their interactive approach, product design, and customer service. However, speculation does not necessarily correspond to reality; in that sense, it is similar to gambling.

Zipteams’ conversational intelligence software takes the guesswork out of customer conversation and keyword identification through the deployment of its analytical tools, which you can use for keyword research and tags, and finally, incorporate the findings in your sales talking points for a more meaningful impression and sustained conversion.

Keyword Tagging

Keyword tagging is one of the primary features of Zipteams’ AI-driven sales-enabling platform. Zipteams recording offers the analytical perspective of conversations between your sales team and customers. The analytical tools can recognize the frequently used words and the words that get extra stress. If some words repeatedly appear in conversations with your target consumer block; it implies people are going to use these phrases in the search box.

The users are highly likely to use a mix of short-term and long-term keywords, without necessarily being aware of what keywords actually mean in textual and audio content for search engines. After you collect these keywords, do some valuable research to come up with the right and most used phrases that will lead to your brand names and products.

The keyword choices your sales reps make should be central to your products, services, industry, and your brand in general so as to make your customers connect and associate them with you.


Keyword sensitivity is crucial to making a compelling, convincing, and comprehensive sales speech that will trigger your prospects’ curiosity, address your existing customers’ pain points, and produce an overall teasing performance. The precise hit is what we call it — you can achieve that with Zipteams’ analytical conversational recording platform.

The software will perform many things from meeting arrangement, call recording, and storage to doing analysis for productive and precise outputs so that it becomes easier for you to identify the keywords and do the necessary labeling along with a crispy, concise, captivating descriptive title for every sales pitch and presentation.

A pitchy and punchy sales speech should revolve around the kinds of keywords accommodated in the talking points. With Zipteams, you can surely stay on top of others in this context.




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