Conversational Intelligence Software: Why It is Useful for Inside Sales Teams

3 min readDec 2, 2022

Speed is the ultimate factor in every corporate area, especially in sales and customer care service, where professionals must fulfill monthly expectations within a rock-solid time deadline.

Investing in a conversation intelligence platform enables you to obtain and manage real-time valuable customer insights through AI-driven powerful conversation intelligence tools that will go a long way to solve customer issues and strike deals more quickly without any room for error.

Conversation intelligence is a new-age key to unlocking the possibility of success for your sales and customer care team.

Why and How Does Conversation Intelligence Software Benefit Inside Sales Teams?

Address Customer Churn Problems

Failed acquisition, also called customer attention or customer churn, happens due to sales representatives’ repeated failure to recognize the issues in time.

Unlike existing business tools (for example, CRM), AI-guided conversation intelligence tells the whole story of what went wrong by identifying the words and phrases which were red flags to clients. This will help the team develop the right strategy to increase customer retention and reduce churn.

Increase Revenues

Conversation intelligence software helps your sales team stay proactive and engaged on customer calls without having to pay attention to what is going on in the background. The team can rewind customer calls at their convenient time and identify key moments in interactions.

AI-enabled software can analyze keywords, phrases, sentiments, and emotions, thereby offering a deep insight into the picture of customers’ purchase decisions and destinations. Information is the elixir that can help you convert opportunities into successful deals and it will certainly cause a spike in revenues.

Provides Necessary Training

In the real world, sales managers can’t listen to every call, especially when each has to deal with over a hundred calls daily. But an incisive analysis of these calls helps to identify what worked and what went wrong, which could be utilized for training your sales team.

Sales engagement software streamlines sales training and coaching. Having a real-time and crystal clear picture of customers’ pain and pleasure points, you can strategize a more effective sales plan and train the team accordingly.

Act on Slippery Opportunities

It is not easy to identify if a prospect is upbeat or upset on a call, especially when sales reps are busy juggling many hats in the background. Call intelligence explores automation, machine learning, and AI to identify the issues under the bonnet.

By identifying what is benefitting the customer and rectifying what is bothering him/her in real time, you can send a message that your team is focused on fixing customer issues right then and there.

Deliver Top-Notch Customer Experience

Today’s prospects have many touchpoints to gather information. They want their favorite brands to subscribe more to their needs and expectations. Hence, no brand can afford to rest on its laurels, and a constant effort to give more drives them always.

Staying informed is the key to delivering top-notch customer experience. Conversation intelligence tools are sales enablers. They are your sales reps with relevant data and help them decide and work smartly in real time. All these culminate in a superior customer experience and raise a new bar for excellence every single time.




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